Planning your healthcare scientifically and innovatively is our passion
Our experience in the medical Insurance sector helped us realize that there's a lot of work needed to spread the medical Insurance awareness, develop new tools& programs to satisfy the needs this market and deliver a passionate service to insured members.
Our Mission
Changing the way medical Insurance services are promoted and delivered through providing Insurance companies and clients with reliable, facts driven and passionate services and solutions. Always in a scientific manner.
Our Solutions
We provide consultancy services and support our clients to choose the best medical Insurance products scientifically, creating healthy medical Insurance schemes that last more than the contractual year.
We develop new programs to reach out to new populations and help them Get Covered as the SMEs programs in which we have designed new programs to help all companies whose size is below 50 employees get covered with unique benefits, innovative direct service and at an affordable premium.
We extensively use Innovative tools as the 'Get Covered' Module which helps our clients design their own medical Insurance scheme in an easy, simple and step wise approach.
We deliver passionate customer support services to our clients which includes:
  1. Dedicated Accounts Management
  2. Monitoring KPIs
  3. Orientation Sessions
  4. Service Level Review meetings
  5. Utilization data monitoring, review and management
We always go the extra mile BEYOND the standard contract, service level agreements and expectations.


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